DAMSON MADDER  - - Which is your must have piece?

DAMSON MADDER - - Which is your must have piece?

THIS WEEK THE Damson Madder LOVE HAS BEEN.... did you guess correctly?

The Damson Madder Oceanic green satin dress has been a top choice for Summer weddings, no wonder, it has a beautiful fluid line, and 100% feel good factor. We love that it can be dressed down with a chunky knit or biker jacket for a less formal look.     A close second this week the was the Damson Madder Tablecloth Embroidered shirt, which the guys were buying for their key Summer wardrobe piece, a great addition that he may even share with you.

Shop Fav? This week we are LOVING The Damson Madder Penelope dress. A classic and simple shape but beautiful.

What is your favourite piece?

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