Geranium, Sage & Lime Soap

Geranium, Sage & Lime Soap

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Handcrafted in Dorset's Jurassic coast, these Soap Bars contains all natural essential oils that are blended to create a herbaceous and floral scent, while the vitamin rich natural oils nourish and hydrate. The soap contains british seashells, which make a great cleansing agent, they increase collagen production in the skin (a protein that makes your skin appear younger!) and are lovely gentle exfoliator.

The world's first seashell based soap, a highly sustainable way to reuse some of the millions of tonnes of shells that are discarded by the fishing industry every year. The seashells also make the perfect alternative to the microplastics usually used in soaps.

The soaps and packaging are free from plastic.

Natural and cruelty free.