SUNCOO - Their commitment:

Suncoo are mindful that if the planet is to have a future, it needs protecting. In recent seasons, Suncoo have undertaken new projects as they strive to make fashion more responsible, and the production more eco-friendly. Since the brand was founded in 2010, they have taken relevant steps, including introducing faux fur in winter 2017 as an alternative to real fur, and making an official commitment to PETA France in 2019 that they would no longer use animal fur. They have also been steadily introducing recycled polyester and organic cotton into our collections and trying to use more natural fabrics such as linen and cotton

As a fashion industry player,  they want to take things even further by telling you about their commitments, with more ambitious initiatives that are close to their heart.   The future is in our hands and we are the key players of tomorrow: the future is NOW!

Their main goals for 2023:

Eco friendly product design

Social & environmental traceability

Environmental foot print of transport & packaging

Responsible corporate governance.