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From their baby's garbled first words and tentative first steps, it's a world of firsts. So where better to record them all than in this Baby Journal that, other than its competitors does not tell you what to write, but rather serves as an inspiration for a highly individual journey, to be documented as such.
It's also babyproofed, as it comes in a clear, soft plastic cover to protect.  Highlights are a flip-out Parisian Townhouse that serves as a family-tree and sections such as Milestones, The World Around You, and Your Favorite Things, that are rendered in countless illustrations. The latest edition of our classic also captivates through its colorful pages throughout the entire edition as well as its, high end color stitch binding and silver edging. 216 pages printed on cream colored, natural paper from responsible forestry, with a silky smooth surface.
Designed, printed and assembled in local production in Germany.
1.8cm x 15cm x 21cm